Thursday, 22 January 2009

Power Animals

I've been drawing lots of owls. also rabbits. the occasional fox. I was reading just for fun about power animals, animal spirit/ see what kind of symbolism is attached...I've ordered a book from the library about it so i can find out more, haven't got it yet....see I have to put this big disclaimer that I don't take this stuff seriously. why is that?
Anyways I looked up the animals I've been drawing, and a few more besides...After a bit of searching I added mouse to 'my' animals: 2 predators and 2 prey. Funny, after drawing so many of them, the owl didn't really seem very 'me' at all; it's the odd one out. There is something about sight- of observing, and being invisible- that comes up for 3 of them, which appeals to me very much.