Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Gingerbread House

Not the greatest photo, but this was our entry into a gingerbread contest this weekend.  The team was me, Hansu and Greg.  I did the figures and the paintings.  Yes, they are all icing.
(Tip:  you can paint with food colouring on fondant if you thin it out with vodka or other clear spirit.  Water would make the icing sticky.  It also helps if your fondant dries for a week first.)

Monday, 6 August 2012

Spirit Fish- Mud drawings

 My second installation piece at Spirit Fish Festival were these drawings on the posts under the highway overpass.  I decided to make each post have a letter from the word 'water' and then I added drawings of wildlife that live by the creek:  a beaver, heron, coyote, raven and fish.

Someone had had a campfire by the water, and I used charred firewood to sketch it out, and silt/mud from the banks of the creek applied with a sponge.  I used a little bit of willow charcoal, ochre pigment and coloured chalks to put some finishing touches on the drawings.  These are each about 4 feet wide.

Very interesting for me to draw with unusual materials.  I haven't been back to see how long they lasted!

Spirit Fish- Reverse Graffiti

In spring 2011 I volunteered with the Spirit Fish festival that celebrated the Still Creek watershed.  This was my first attempt at reverse graffiti- the cement bridge was cleaned with a metal brush through heavy foil stencils, which you can see lying on the bridge...I wish I'd gotten the letters a little straighter.

Jack O'Layton

Halloween 2011.  Portrait of the late Jack Layton, Canadian politician.

Dodo Lantern

Last summer's lantern, the Dodo Bird.  Got to get a better photo!

Ain't no party like a lantern party