Monday, 6 August 2012

Spirit Fish- Mud drawings

 My second installation piece at Spirit Fish Festival were these drawings on the posts under the highway overpass.  I decided to make each post have a letter from the word 'water' and then I added drawings of wildlife that live by the creek:  a beaver, heron, coyote, raven and fish.

Someone had had a campfire by the water, and I used charred firewood to sketch it out, and silt/mud from the banks of the creek applied with a sponge.  I used a little bit of willow charcoal, ochre pigment and coloured chalks to put some finishing touches on the drawings.  These are each about 4 feet wide.

Very interesting for me to draw with unusual materials.  I haven't been back to see how long they lasted!

Spirit Fish- Reverse Graffiti

In spring 2011 I volunteered with the Spirit Fish festival that celebrated the Still Creek watershed.  This was my first attempt at reverse graffiti- the cement bridge was cleaned with a metal brush through heavy foil stencils, which you can see lying on the bridge...I wish I'd gotten the letters a little straighter.

Jack O'Layton

Halloween 2011.  Portrait of the late Jack Layton, Canadian politician.

Dodo Lantern

Last summer's lantern, the Dodo Bird.  Got to get a better photo!

Ain't no party like a lantern party