Sunday, 16 February 2014

Box City

19 foot city silhouette, custom built to wrap around the fireplace, 
with cardboard furniture in foreground.

Box City sign cleverly hides a television.

Added some raindrops to match the weather that day!

In the last post, my studio was covered in cardboard.  Now I can reveal the final product- Box City!

I developed a drop-in family activity for the Children's Arts Festival in Richmond.  Using only imagination, cardboard, and a kit of Makedo construction tools, children and their families could create their own building to add to Box City. There were some fantastic creations that day, including castles, seven foot towers, and even a Canada Line station!   It was a huge hit and it was so great to see parents and kids working together.

To set the stage, co-creator Asha and I created custom cardboard furniture, 3D cardboard letters, signs and a 19 foot long cardboard city silhouette.   Unfortunately we couldn't keep our creations!  We had a lot of fun and we've already got ideas for next year's Box City II.

Please contact jacquie [@] if you are interested in having a cardboard construction workshop at your school or event.

Photo Credits:  Asha

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Mary said...

What happened to box city at the end? (re: Unfortunately we couldn't keep our creations!)