Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Vancouver DrawDown Part 2

Drawdown is wow!  such a great event.  I believe everyone can draw, can enjoy making marks, can find their own style, and can improve with a little bit of guidance and practice.  And from what I saw, everyone was getting really into it!

Drawing can be so silent, hidden (covert sketching of oblivious fellow bus-riders for example).... Drawdown is the one day where the 'drawers' come out of the woodwork and nod at each other.  There's no need to talk but there's the shared experience of drawing something together and seeing others' viewpoints of the same subject.

I did a four hour workshop on costume design in the morning and then squeaked in one more hour of draped (as in, not naked) life drawing at Emily Carr University.  It's been a long time since I've done that, and I felt rusty but I'd had a good warm-up.  It was a marathon of drawing that day!  My favourites are the 1 minute gesture drawings (second image from the top).

I've contacted the organizers and pitched some ideas for drawing workshops for next year so I'm looking forward to getting even more involved!

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