Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Just play and be surprised

This is a weird image, and I was surprised at every moment of its creation.  This summer I've been teaching children's and teens' art camps every day (hence the lack of posts lately!) This was an example for one of my Drawing and Painting classes.  We used a flashlight to cast silhouettes onto paper, and had a partner trace them.  Then we filled the shape up with collage, and painted over the collage images for interesting texture.  I draw back into the painting with pen and ink.

For some reason I started to incorporate anatomical imagery and that's what makes it so creepy.  I had no idea where this was going to go. I was really reminded of how stuck-in-a-rut I can get, and how freeing this was.  Freeing, and scary.  I need to remember that feeling and help my students embrace it in their work too.

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