Monday, 2 February 2015

Nostalgia trip/artistic challenge= 80s My Little Ponies!

So I had this idea that I'll paint one of my childhood My Little Pony toys each time I'm in the studio.  It will give me a chance to improve my watercolour skills! I think have over 50 ponies so this artistic ritual can keep me going for a while.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Hourly Comic Day Part Two

And, 4pm is as far as I got.  The rest of the day was groceries, making pizza, eating pizza, and watching Voyager. I'm not sure how that took 4 hours but it did.

Hourly Comic Day Pt 1

So there's this thing where comic artists try and draw auto-biographical-ish cartoons every hour for one day.  I tried, and fizzled, but got at least one good drawing out of it.  I have more comics but not all are digitized so there's a gap.

1pm, in the studio trying to keep up with the hourly drawing...

Noon- two drawings of walking to the studio in the rain.

 Morning, missing a few comics...