Monday, 7 September 2015

A new project

One Woman's Trash- an artist draws her garbage.
This is a daily drawing challenge, and a sustainability challenge, at the same time.  I'm drawing everything I throw out.  Not my compost or recycling, but the things I put in the garbage-for-landfill bin.

So far it's been just a week, and I'm sure it's going to change as it goes along but I'm hooked.  It's weird to spend so much time with my garbage and think about how it came into my life.  The act of drawing forces me to look at each piece.  So far I'm not bored while I'm drawing, carefully recording each wrinkle in a crumpled tissue, I get lost in drawing no matter the subject.
And I have already refused to buy things so I wouldn't have to draw the packaging!

Check out the entire series at One Woman's Trash

a little sketch of David Suzuki

I saw Dr. Suzuki speak at Vancouver's Powell Street Festival and did this little sketch.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Artist Inspiration: Stephen Fowler

I was looking at google images for research ("illustration emotional work"), found this wonderful group of faces and just had to know more about the artist.
It was done by Stephen Fowler, and I think this would be his blog. (There is another Stephen Fowler who draws dogs.)
I was delighted to have found it.
Some fav images
The blog hadn't been updated since January but I hope to see more.  He works a lot with stamping and frottage.  I love the Wildman life drawing series, with the model dressed up as a hairy sasquatch type figure, and inspired wonderful charcoal drawings. Fowler seems to do a lot of workshops getting people to try drawing and markmaking in playful ways.  (And that's my raison d'ĂȘtre for teaching art.)

Art can be fun.